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Hi there,

Let me tell you some things about myself. I was born in 1976, I have an adult daughter, a young son and a beautiful and caring wife. We live in Amsterdam. During the day I run a graphic design agency called “grafisch ontwerpbureau De Hazen“. In English that means “Graphic designagency The Hares“. In my free time I spend most of my time crocheting and designing cool amigurumi. In 2014 my first book is published in Dutch and German and hopefully someday in English too. And since 2018 I am working hard to get to know more crafts and try to bring my fun characters to life in all kinds of crafts.

Some facts about me that you probably are not interested in:

  • I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and Marvel.
  • I try to run 2 times a week.
  • My other hobbies are origami, watching tv series and (if I have the time) love to bake.
  • I crochet in public transport.