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Let’s start with a new hashtag #DDBYAF based on my previous fun hashtag #BYAF. It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve decided to stop with my Bring Your Amigurumi Friday #BYAF event. It was such a fun event but it took a lot of effort for me to keep it up and running. Every month I had to think of prizes, promote the hashtag, motivate people and maintain the website for the contest. As a result I lost the main goal of the event: Fun. So I stopped. But I miss the fun, I miss the interaction with everyone. Therefore I decided to start again.

How it started

It all started in may 2013 when I brought an amigurumi with me to work and used the hashtag #BYATWF Bring Your Amigurumi To Work Friday.

I received lots of positive messages, so I decided to create the fun hashtag event. It was so much fun to view posts from people all over the world bring their amigurumi to work. They gave them assignments like picking up the telephone or make copies at the copier. Thanks to Stephanie from All About Ami this event got a lot of attention. I’m still very grateful to you for your help with promoting this fun event.

Let’s start again

After almost three years I think it’s time to start again. First of all I need to change the hashtag. #BYAF is being used by lots of other people not playing with amigurumi. So now it will be “Dendennis’ Bring Your Amigurumi Friday”: # DDBYAF. This way we can all search for this hashtag and be inspired by all the fun photos. Also I will stop choosing winners because we are all winners after all, if you participate and create fun photos you’ve already won. But I like give aways so maybe I will choose some of the best photos and just give these people a nice prize. 😉





The goal of #DDBYAF

The main goal is to have fun with your amigurumi. Every first Friday of the month it’s time for #DDBYAF, just bring your amigurumi with you, with whatever you are doing. Go to work, groceries, to the gym, a walk in the park, a birthday, it does not matter. Make a fun photo of your amigurumi and try to show something of  the surrounding, so you can really see an amigurumi in a fun situation. Bring your amigurumi to life with fun and be creative.

Here are some of my favorites:





Join the fun!

Don’t forget to participate #DDBYAF every first Friday of the month.
Add the dates to your agenda or follow me on Instagram or Facebook

And if you don’t have any amigurumi just have a look at my amigurumi patterns


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Paid pdf patterns

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